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Cheer the Fuck up!

April 10, 2008

Here’s a happy Uterus to get you through to the weekend!


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I Miss You Guys

March 28, 2008


Along time ago this was my gang. My group of friends, my peeps.

It’s been a decade nearly, and time’s gone on and I’ve more goals then friends now. I refuse to believe that’s a matter of getting older. But I’m not running back east side anytime soon.

I don’t know if you’re out there reading me, watching me, cheering or despising me. But I miss you guys. I miss the simpler times. I miss the ML Crew, the Wawa, the Gryphon Cafe, Vally Forge Park, Calling Eric ‘Rat’, Calling Jeff ‘Whitey’, Calling people at all, Chris’s house New Years Parties, Skateboarding, Local Bands, Local Bands, Local Bands, Church Shows, Smoking, Martino’s, Raspberry Ice Tea, Italian Subs, Campus Corner, Minella’s. I miss you guys.

Chuck Norris Visits Iraq, Steals Soldiers Thoughts

March 12, 2008



March 7, 2008


Sketchies 2

March 2, 2008

Production Banner

Thursday we cast the last of our characters and this morning we shot. 3 pages of material. Not an over bearable shot list for a one day shoot. We managed to pull it off in about 3 hours. The boys are back at their place editing their little hearts out (I hope) and by Monday we’ll have this little bastard online.

There will be an extended version, but for the Sketchies contest we’re whittling down the the vision to under 3 minutes.

Here’s Sketchies 2 behind the Scenes:

SamProof of the YouTubes - Sketchies 2 behind the Scenes - Photo 1 of 0

I have to say I’m apprehensive. Brian is off editing right now, and I’m almost scared to see what comes of it. This time I kind of focussed on just acting and some production aspects. Brian wrote and directed this, with a few notes from me. I meant to be a little more producerly, but also I just wanted to get it done and we kept the shoot moving right along. So I had no complaints.

SamProof of the YouTubes - Sketchies 2 behind the Scenes - Photo 2 of 0

The day basically went off without a hitch. The one large exception being the weather. we expected the sun to come out, and held off shooting till 10 when we gave up and just hoped everything stayed consistent. Which it did. But I fear this means everything will be too dark.

SamProof of the YouTubes - Sketchies 2 behind the Scenes - Photo 6 of 0

Either way I think this short is going to be pretty awesome, even beyond being part of sketchies. It should catch some fans I think. And we’re going to cut a longer version eventually, since Sketchies maxes out at 3 minutes. So keep an eye on my youtube channel SamProof cause ‘The Wild Thing’ will be up Monday.
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“I’ll Nut Your Bolt”

March 1, 2008



Dee Nut BOlt

And then This Happened.

nut bolt

Cyber Safari Mate

February 19, 2008


It was a long hard day in the outback, and my companion and I had been tracking this terrible little beast for 6 days and 3 nights. Our self esteem, vitaminwater and malt balls were all running when we heard something.

Brooke lept forward with a Guatemalan lublub spear (‘lublub’ meaning ‘pointy’ in the Guatemalan native tongue, Guatemalopean). She saved my life, and I’m indebted to her. She’s the only lublub for me.

Rodeo Koala

February 18, 2008

Pretty much the most amazing Koala ever

Koala Rodeo

but wouldn’t it be more amazing… in space!?

Hat of Dooooooooooom

February 17, 2008
Hat of Dooooooooom


February 10, 2008