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Failpire #1 – Page Turner and Nikki Parker

July 6, 2008

Sadly the show was not saved on stickam because we crashed at the 45 minute mark. We think we have a failsafe in place for the next show, so even if we crash we’ll have it saved. Also Stickam is going to try Monday to see if they can catch the show hidden in the nets and recover it. – Cross your fingers –

In the mean time you can at least see thees two gorgeous blonds saying goodbye.

Here’s what you missed on the show :

* True Blood the vampire show, 5 episodes featuring our dreaded beauty Page Turner
* Glam God A new reality show
* Jamie’s Crying – with Nikki Parker in an up coming video
* Life as a Lobster Written by Page – Thanks for my copy and I’ll get that Lobster illustration done soon

Snagged a few quick pics after the show, here’s one just to wet your whistle folks

Nikki’s Myspace
Page’s Myspace

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FailPire #2 – July 12th 6PM PST

With Live Music from Guest
Brodie Foster Hubbard