About SamProof

Me and Dave Foley I’m SamProof, I do Stuff n’ stuff.

You may know me from my online videos. But I’m much more than that. I grew up in a little suburb outside Philadelphia, called Bala Cynwyd. Moved to Los Angeles in Jan of 2000, because it was the easiest date to remember. Since then I’ve written a novel, several screen plays, been on The Drew Carey Show, General Hospital, Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job and several Inde short films. In the early 00’s my first photograph and soon after my first painting both hung in art galleries. In 2006 I started making videos on sites like youtube, and since then my videos have been featured on Youtube, Yahoo Videos, Viewbug, eHow, Howcast and have been seen several million times.

I currently work in Production, working on Reality and Documentary style TV shows, while attempting to publish my novel

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One Response to “About SamProof”

  1. Post Nasal Drip Treatment : Says:

    i love to visit art galleries both home and abroad, art has been my life.;~

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