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Just Got Back From San Fransisco

February 25, 2008


and boy are my arms tired.

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Score! Going to the As One San Fran Youtube Gathering feb 23rd

February 8, 2008


It’s Official I have Friday the 22nd off! Thus Thursday the 21st I’ll be driving up to San Fran with my little group of Road Trippers. If all goes well at least one of us will die on our wacky adventure up north.

I’m going constantly back and forth on what to bring. at the LA gathering I ended up wandering around for 12 hours with a backpack full of gadgetry. I’m not doing that again. But do I even want to bring the laptop; SLR Camera; camcorder; pocket cam, blah blah blah? I’m thinking of going and buying a cheapo Canon powershot or some similar camera. I really want something around 6 Megapixels, under $150, small direct USB connection, takes video in .Mov or .Mpg or .Mpeg4 (something easily mac happy), a noiseless option, and something easily/quickly turned on. And hey if it can be used as a webcam, that’s a big bonus.

My friend had a camera that slide open/on, loved that but it had some weird cord only it could use. F that.
I’ll probably just run over to staples at lunch and pretend like I’m just going to look and end up buying something. Why couldn’t I work next to Fry’s or Samy’s? Oh yea cause I’d be broke now.

OK enough time stealing at work. Gotta call some people in Tunica Mississippi about a picture of a man from the 20’s cooking in a famous Mississippi Cafe. Then I’ve got to get a press photo of George Jefferson and after that talk to my stock film guy about some good old footage of Japanese people eating.

Oh yea, so one last thing I’ve grown addicted to following Google Trends. It looks like this if you’re not familiar with it:

Today’s Hot Trends (USA)

1. louisiana technical college
2. chambers bay
3. marko jaric
4. louisiana tech
5. taryn manning
6. chambers bay golf course
7. cardio free diet
8. shod foot
9. cdot
10. mons pubi

I have utterly no idea how to use this information for my evil plans of net domination what so ever. I mean really cardio free diet? lousiana tech? Why are these hot search trends? what do you do with this information? who the hell is Marko Jaric? I suppose I could click on the link… or google it, but do I really want to perpetuate this horrible trend? I’m tempted to try and right a daily poem inspired by the awesome power of Google Trends.

One last thing I have a new segment coming up. Check out the Shiny Banner

What is It?

When I was a kid I used to love those game, where you’d see a picture of something close up, or in weird lighting, some kind of illusion and you had to guess what it was, so I’m going to do one of my own.

Hollywood As One Gathering 2008 (2nd Annual)

January 22, 2008



(More Pics than You Can Shake a Stick at)

It’s Cold in LA

January 21, 2008


The three headsThis was the weekend from hell and back. It was amazing, it was draining, it was a god damn memory bitch!

I’m not about to try and account for everything that happened, at least not right now. Maybe. This weekend was the gathering. This weekend was chance I had to do something amazing for work. This week I got to meet my friends. It’s such an odd feeling, knowing these face these personalities you see on screen all the time, on youtube, on stickam, where ever. I can almost understand how people think the characters on TV are real people. almost.

You meet up with these people you’ve never really know and you find out, yea you have. You’ve always know this person. you’ve always had a place in your heart fof them, you just didn’t know who filled the gap.

So this in short was the 2nd annual LA gathering. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I expected something a bit smaller, a bit more hectic, a bit more “who are you, who are you, who are you!” But all in all it was just the right size. I got time to talk to people I’d never heard of before. I got to meet old acquaintances and new friends, and often a combination of the two.

This morning I got a hundred messages from people that had made it home safely (thank god). Almost all the kiddies are back in their safe little beds tucked away. It’s a holiday, but I’m at work. making up for lost time, waiting for opportunity. It’s cold in LA, gray, it knows what’s been and gone. Thank God San Fran is only a month away.

more to come.

(too many pictures found here)

The Impending Doom

January 15, 2008


It’s T-minus 20 hours before the first steps of the invasion begin.

I’m really not sure what to expect from this whole thing. I’m not sure how many people are coming or if Mr. Saftey has any tricks up his sleeve.

My suscpions were that nothing big was really going to happen. It was just going to be a littlish get togethor. Which is shameful because LA is really pretty awesome and can entertain pretty much any type of person. you just have to know where to look.

Want to be a tourist – Check out Hollywood and Highland, check out the La Brae Tar Pits, Check out the hollywood sign.

Want to party like a rock star – Check out the sunset strip, check out the hustler store, check out the
Ralph’s before 2am when they stop selling liquor.

Want to be in the scene – Check out Ed Hardy, Check out Paul Frank, Check out the Beverly Center, but call it the ‘Bev Cen’

When I was basically 25 and down I hated the thought of LA, hated the thought of big cities, and damn all if you thought I’d ever live in one. You’d be wrong. Dead wrong. Yet here I am, and for what it’s worth I love this city. I hate it. it’s full of over priced everything, plastic idiots, gossip and AA Meetings. But I love it, it’s one of the only places where everything I want to do is right in front of me.

I’m sure I could have this life back in PA. but then again. it wouldn’t be the same.

So I digress, n stuff.

It’s now t-minus 29 till I get to see people (work till 7)

If you’re coming to LA, leave a comment.