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Celebrating Art & Writing on Youtube

February 29, 2008

Welcome to the First Real Youtube Art & Writing Contest

From the Press Release:
There remains no category on YouTube for art and literature. Which isn’t to say writers and artists aren’t taking advantage of the site. One artist, who goes by the handle ValsArtDiary, records her weekly process of making a painting, puts the video on YouTube, and within hours of posting has bids for her work Ebay. Take that Picasso!

To prove to the YouTube brain trust that there is a demand for good writing and fine art, Jaffe is launching a literature-and-arts contest dubbed “TubeArts”. Sponsors, a social networking site geared to help students write academic papers, and, a non-profit that helps provide artists with important services like healthcare, are each contributing $600 in prize money. Additionally, Fracture Atlas has offered all artists who participate in the contest a free one-year membership to their site.

The contest video can be seen at , Jaffe’s YouTube channel. And the contest judges are all YouTubers with outstanding credentials.

The Art Judges
* ElecticAsylumArt
* ValsArtDiary
* Paperlilies
The Writing Judges
* VlogBrothers
* SamProof
* NewWarriorMan


Just Got Back From San Fransisco

February 25, 2008


and boy are my arms tired.

YouTube, Yahoo, MySpace, Google, Revver, DailyMotion,, Veoh, Crackle and Stupid Videos


February 20, 2008


funny pictures

Cyber Safari Mate

February 19, 2008


It was a long hard day in the outback, and my companion and I had been tracking this terrible little beast for 6 days and 3 nights. Our self esteem, vitaminwater and malt balls were all running when we heard something.

Brooke lept forward with a Guatemalan lublub spear (‘lublub’ meaning ‘pointy’ in the Guatemalan native tongue, Guatemalopean). She saved my life, and I’m indebted to her. She’s the only lublub for me.

Welp, I’m on Stickydrama.

February 19, 2008

Stickam review

Sorry Mom they got me. I’m on stickam’s most popular web tabloid. This is what I get for mocking Chris Crocker

Such is life. But thank god I kept my pants on.
Actually the lads over at noodz central caught wind of my Put it Back petition and have it featured in their latest blog entry.

Support is growing rapidly. So pass it along, link it, do whatever you can. All your Stickams R Belong to US!

Put it Back!

Me at Cafe

February 18, 2008



Rodeo Koala

February 18, 2008

Pretty much the most amazing Koala ever

Koala Rodeo

but wouldn’t it be more amazing… in space!?

Need tongue twister clips for YT Collab Tonight!

February 17, 2008

Send me a video clip “Vulture Paul was a pole vaulting poll voter” (three times fast) – mess ups fine too.

gmail it to

Send it to me tonight. by Sunday I’ll have the video up already 🙂

I’m back, Stay Strong


Hat of Dooooooooooom

February 17, 2008
Hat of Dooooooooom

Day 2: Put it Back

February 15, 2008

So among the beautiful new features of stickam is disappearing camslots. As a guest in someone’s room, as windows are bounced around to and from the main screen you’ll start to see something awesome.
Something like this.

Yep multiple hosts or undefined blank slots will take over.

Way to go Beta Test Stickam.


As a quick fix, try ignoring and then unignoring the people you can’t see.

For a better fix.

Put it Back!