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I Miss You Guys

March 28, 2008


Along time ago this was my gang. My group of friends, my peeps.

It’s been a decade nearly, and time’s gone on and I’ve more goals then friends now. I refuse to believe that’s a matter of getting older. But I’m not running back east side anytime soon.

I don’t know if you’re out there reading me, watching me, cheering or despising me. But I miss you guys. I miss the simpler times. I miss the ML Crew, the Wawa, the Gryphon Cafe, Vally Forge Park, Calling Eric ‘Rat’, Calling Jeff ‘Whitey’, Calling people at all, Chris’s house New Years Parties, Skateboarding, Local Bands, Local Bands, Local Bands, Church Shows, Smoking, Martino’s, Raspberry Ice Tea, Italian Subs, Campus Corner, Minella’s. I miss you guys.


War Protest in Hollywood

March 16, 2008


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2007 Youtube Awards!

March 13, 2008

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Check it out folks! My Zine Video got nominated for “Instructional”
So Copy and Paste the URL

Click Instructional and Vote fer my Zine Video (provided you think it’s honestly the best video.. or if you don’t. Everyone else, your logic confuses me).

YT Award nominiee INSTRUCTIONs banner
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3/12/08 LolCat(dog)

March 12, 2008


funny pictures
moar funny pictures

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Chuck Norris Visits Iraq, Steals Soldiers Thoughts

March 12, 2008


What the Sketchies!?

March 10, 2008


So I haven’t heard anything yet. People been asking me “Hey what’s up with the Sketchies 2 contest on youtube, you heard yet?”

Well the answer is No, nothing I’ve heard nothing at all. With one exception. Some guys who also have an entry posted left a comment on their own video saying they didn’t make it and they know this because one of their friends (also in the contest) already received word that he made it.

I’ve heard nothing. I know a few people in the contest and haven’t heard anything from them.

So that’s it. Whatever that is. I’m still hopeful, make things are just slow.

If you haven’t already seen it, my entry is here
Sketchies 2: The Wild Thing


March 7, 2008


3/5/08 Never be the last one to bed.

March 5, 2008


funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Gary Gygax Dies at 69

March 5, 2008



Sketchies 2 : The Wild Thing

March 4, 2008


Spread the word!

This was probably the fastest and best thing I’ve done to dat. I basically took a back seat on this. My Co-Star Brian wrote, directed and edited while I worked on casting, producing and now promoting the video.

Anyway, I was going to talk about stuff but it took me forever to get this video up. Youtube was being beyond pesky this time around. So now I just want to chill. Maybe I’ll post more about it later. Enjoy. And remember to vote March 13th!