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March 23, 2010

Hahah I was looking to blip this song, and then came across my friend Matt Blitz in a video he’d made for it! … ♫


March 6, 2010

We’re gonna build something this summer… let this be my annual reminder, that we can all be something bigger… ♫

March 2, 2010

#1 – This is perfection, an amazing eye popping video that lines up with a song in super sonic fight machine o… ♫

March 2, 2010

# 2 – speaking of songs I can never skip this one makes my heart skip a beat and turns the adrenaline right th… ♫

March 2, 2010

#3 – I know I always post these guy. But they are my #1 favorite of all time. I can listen to them anytime, an… ♫

March 2, 2010

#4 – Speaking of high energy this band kicks ass while holding the title of being the Original emo band. Emo h… ♫

March 2, 2010

#5 – I’ve always loved this song, it’s like high energy depression. Cause if you’re gonna be nostalgic kick so… ♫

March 1, 2010

I can wait… I know how… ZOMG let’s play hungry hungry hippos. #fiesta #fiestamovement ♫