Heath Ledger Dead Possible Drug Overdose


The office is freaking out, the buzz is in the air. People are refreshing TMZ every minute.

Actor Heath Ledger has been found dead by a masseuse in his NY residence

Sources say the Brokeback Mountain star and 2006 Academy Award nominee was found motionless in his bed by a masseuse earlier this morning.

“He was found unconscious at the apartment and pronounced dead,” a spokesperson for the police stated. Police said they did not suspect foul play. They also said they found sleeping pills near Ledger’s body.

Rumors fly that he was in the company of an olsen twin

Heath Ledger was in the process of filmingThe Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus by Terry Gilliam in which he “died” last December

He was set to play the Joker in the upcoming Batman film The Dark Knight . Which is currently in post production.

Ledger leaves behind Matilda his two-year-old daughter with former fiancee, Michelle Williams .


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16 Responses to “Heath Ledger Dead Possible Drug Overdose”

  1. Lucy Says:

    Very sad news

  2. caite Says:

    I LOVED heath ledger and then he died! I found out like 3 days ago because i was watching Brothers Grimm movie and he was in it and I told my dad he was cute and he said Heath’s dead. I was so depressed I almost cried!!!

  3. majid Says:

    من هم عاشق هیث لیجر بودم ولی

    I LOVED heath ledger

  4. rali Says:

    He is one of my favourite actors. When I found out that he is dead I couldn’t believe it. It’s so sad…to die so young. Heath, RIP ;((((

  5. Mallory Says:

    Its sad that i found out this late that heath died, but i did. I think he was an amazing actor and person. I loved his smile because it was so unique. It kills me to hear what happened and i hate the feeling i get when i see his picture. I love him so very much. I hope he has found a better place. I wish i could have met him on earth and i pray that someday i will meet him.
    Let us remember heath.

  6. Lindseykay Says:

    It was so sad when he died. I thought he was amazing actor, and I had wanted to meet him in person. I just recently found out because I was saying to my mom how totally excited I was to see the Dark Knight, and that the guy playing the Joker was A-MAZ-ING! Then she said, “He died” I felt like crying. =[ RIP to Heath, may he rest well.

  7. Josh Says:

    I just recently watched The Dark Knight, and it was almost sureal to watch what i consider to be the best performance of his life. I loved the movie in every aspect but it was so hard to enjoy to the fullest. Seeing this amazing actor on screen and knowing that it was the last performance makes me sad. To see someone go at such a young age with so much potential is a shame. May your memory live on! R.I.P. Heath Ledger

  8. katie Says:

    he was amazing as the joker. ::amazing:: no one could have done it better.
    &i’m not sure if i’m saying this because he is gone? but he did a great job..so sad that he is gone..cause i would have loved to see more and more of him.

  9. Bossmandu Says:

    heath ledger was a bad ass actor! escpessialy in batman but hes a dumb ass for the overdose

  10. Notorious Says:

    I’m not saying that he was a good Joker because he’s deceased, and people shouldn’t praise just because of this..he simply was a BRILLIANT Joker. Possibly the best performance of his career like people are saying..great pick on the casting director/assistants/etc. nonetheless. Can’t imagine anyone else who would’ve played a better Joker.

  11. Misti--loverofHeathLedger Says:

    WOW, Heath was one of the most interestingly unique and inspirational actors ever. He had so many different styles and methods, he always delved completely into the minds of his character, it was amazing! I thought his best piece of work was the sadistically sexy and meniacal JOKER!

    And i TOTALLY agree with the joker sympathy bullshit. ppl shouldnt be like “ya, i went to see batman and i guess the joker was okay cause hes dead and all” Heath did an UNBELIEABLE ACTING JOB! Intelligent, handsome, ambitious, , GORGEOUS and hard-working *sigh* Heath Ledger was just too perfect.

    haha i seriously started falling in love with him:P and now that hes gone, doesnt it feel like theres a blank, empty feeling in the world?


  12. Luv-angelz Says:

    soooooooo sad when i heard this , =[ really like his films , he’s a great actor !! R.I.P Heath Ledger ……:'(

  13. mona Says:

    I just saw a dark night yesterday . I will have to say this was an excellent movie. The joker stole the show for sure. Heath Legder’s performance was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not just saying this because he is gone, I thought that he was wonderful. Heith Ledger was a great actor and may he rest in peace. GOD BLESS YOU HEATH!!!!! Know that you will always be remembered always. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX We Love You Heath.

  14. micheal! Says:

    this man was a very good actor if only he wouold of lived longer!!!!!!!

  15. Sandra Says:

    I found out that heath died about two weeks ago. I was watching The Dark Knight and I pondered who the joker was. I thought about it and I realized it was heath. I went on the internet and i found he died by an overdose. I almost started to cry but, i realized he is in a better place. And his memory is with us. He was a talanted and an amazing person and noone can ever have changed that!

    RIP Heath Ledger

  16. Rosalie Says:

    0: Rip heath ledger will be missed I Love yoou . Hope you Have Found Ur better Place!.

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