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Sketchies 2

April 18, 2008

Whelp youtube’s front page is littered with videos from the Sketchies contest.

Thank you all for your support, if you want to show one last show of support for the video ‘The Wild Thing’ Please write Mia & Mark Day Comedy the Comedy Editor for youtube and tell him you think the video should be featured too.

send em the link
tell them you think the video should be featured.

Mia –
Mark –

and hey if you feel like writing the other editors just for fun, go for it.

Stay Strong,


What the Sketchies!?

March 10, 2008


So I haven’t heard anything yet. People been asking me “Hey what’s up with the Sketchies 2 contest on youtube, you heard yet?”

Well the answer is No, nothing I’ve heard nothing at all. With one exception. Some guys who also have an entry posted left a comment on their own video saying they didn’t make it and they know this because one of their friends (also in the contest) already received word that he made it.

I’ve heard nothing. I know a few people in the contest and haven’t heard anything from them.

So that’s it. Whatever that is. I’m still hopeful, make things are just slow.

If you haven’t already seen it, my entry is here
Sketchies 2: The Wild Thing