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I Miss You Guys

March 28, 2008


Along time ago this was my gang. My group of friends, my peeps.

It’s been a decade nearly, and time’s gone on and I’ve more goals then friends now. I refuse to believe that’s a matter of getting older. But I’m not running back east side anytime soon.

I don’t know if you’re out there reading me, watching me, cheering or despising me. But I miss you guys. I miss the simpler times. I miss the ML Crew, the Wawa, the Gryphon Cafe, Vally Forge Park, Calling Eric ‘Rat’, Calling Jeff ‘Whitey’, Calling people at all, Chris’s house New Years Parties, Skateboarding, Local Bands, Local Bands, Local Bands, Church Shows, Smoking, Martino’s, Raspberry Ice Tea, Italian Subs, Campus Corner, Minella’s. I miss you guys.



February 8, 2008