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Happy Halloween

October 31, 2008

From my many Varied Projects

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Blog Closed

October 31, 2008

Hey Folks,

This blog has officially moved to

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15X – Happy Halloween, Sarah Palin Comic Strip

October 29, 2008

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NanowWrimo Comic Strip

October 28, 2008
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Happy Nanowrimo! Follow my progress at

FailPire Friday – Natalia Reagan, Brodie Foster Hubbard

October 23, 2008

Tomorrow on Failpire from ‘My Name is Earl’, the new movie ‘Sex Drive’ and more actress Natalia Reagan. Find our More here

And now live on youtube, this clip from Brodie Foster Hubbard during a past performance on Failpire

Wordle, Word Clouds, Blogging and Focus

October 17, 2008

New Blog – Check out word clouds, blogging, and thoughts on focus. Read it here

Les Misbarack

October 15, 2008

New Blog & Awesome Barack vid (must see)-