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Back To a Great Start

April 25, 2008

It’s been a while since I did anything on youtube, so much so that people had been asking if I was ever coming back at all. But I’m back, and with my first video back (on my channel – not to discount Tigger) Bam – I’m featured (on People & Blogs) yippie!

And for anyone who hasn’t caught on yet, yes I’ve also recently been accepted as in to the Youtube Partner program (not that I think much will come from it, but who knows).

Check out the featured Truth or Dare Tag Game video as well as the first Response from Littlepandaexpress (below) with her Results from being tagged (more…)


April 22, 2008

Truth or Dare Tag Game

I’m making videos again!


Jamie Lynn Spears is Getting Married

April 22, 2008

People magazine recently announced Zoey101 star Little Jamie Lynn is planning on marrying her baby daddy Casey Aldridge.

Thanks to…

U won’t sass me like that when Iz cun summon wolves

April 19, 2008


funny pictures
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Sketchies 2

April 18, 2008

Whelp youtube’s front page is littered with videos from the Sketchies contest.

Thank you all for your support, if you want to show one last show of support for the video ‘The Wild Thing’ Please write Mia & Mark Day Comedy the Comedy Editor for youtube and tell him you think the video should be featured too.

send em the link
tell them you think the video should be featured.

Mia –
Mark –

and hey if you feel like writing the other editors just for fun, go for it.

Stay Strong,

Be a Part of the Tigger Talks Team

April 17, 2008

Ok folks so here’s the thing. I’ve got lots and lots of projects, and I keep coming up with more and more. The problem is that I only have so many hands, only have so many hours in a day.

So – I’m looking for other people that want to do something creative, want to have fun and want to build something together. So from time to time I’ll be posting here and where ever else to see who’s up to doing stuff. With help from my friend Ravenlaughs(aka Dan – scratch that reverse it). Dan will basically help me out with organizing and essentially being the glue to my atom smasher. Wait, what?

Point being Here’s Project one.
Something many of you are probably already familiar with TiggerTalks

If you’re unfamiliar TiggerTalks is a Feline Phenomina Fenomina, who’s debut video chronicling the pregnancy of Young Miss Jamie Lynn Spears garnered over 135K views.

I’m looking for writers/researchers to pick up daily gems in the entertainment and gossip world and write a vlog for our furry champion to put out. Vlogs should be short, fast paced, clever and the height of the haha factor.

Topics of interest should compete with topics from sites such as, What the buck Show, joeblow, etc.

Wanted :
3 to 5 Writers (video scripts)
2 to 4 Blogger/Researchers
to find interesting stories daily to be used in an accompanying blog site and possible write video scripts as well.
1 to 2 Editors(video)
to help with video segments.
1 or 2 Motion Graphics –
for quick graphics, for examples modifying pictures of celebs with the howdy doody mouth… Check out the
Gary Gygak video for an example

If you’re interested in being a part of the Tigger Talks team send me your email info and some quick samples of your humor in script format (preferred). Right now all I can promise is a screen credit. But if we cross our fingers and keep things up, maybe in the future we can each get a shiny dollar from it. send email to samsaysstaystrong at gmail dot com

Support the cause – go subscribe to:

The Improv World

April 16, 2008

Monday night at UCB I ran in to Harrison, meet him a couple weeks ago and have been running in to him at UCB since. Monday he tells me about this thing he puts on Tuesdays. A special improv night for students and people in the UCB community. Which I’ve now infiltrated. I half expect him to tell me a password and when I get there to find a thick door with a slot that slides open, revealing a pair of eyes that ask me for the password.

It turns out, it’s not a 1920’s speak easy at all, but a very small theater that can seat about 25 people and it’s free. That is, it’s all donation based. I showed up at 8 and left at sometime after midnight. At 11 they do a Jam, which basically means an open mic for improv performers. They ask who wants to come up, and then divide up the people that raise their hands in to groups. I was in group 3.

So last night marked my first time officially doing improv on stage. I half expected to just hang on the wall, but at some point they started talking about God in a museum, so I saw my opening an walked out as a statue of jesus and stood there for like 3 minute, while jokes were made.

And that was pretty much it, but I did something.

Afterword I talked with a bunch of the players and Harrison told me he himself was scared as hell the first time he went up. So I think I’m just par for the course. Hell the other night at the UCB Jam I saw several people that never made it past wall flowering, so maybe I’m ahead of the jam. Now I just need to think on my feet, and maybe not laugh while I’m a statue of jesus.

04/16/08 Lol Attack

April 16, 2008


funny pictures

funny pictures

funny pictures

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Checking Out

April 15, 2008

I have just under two weeks of work left on this show, but I’m already checked out. I’m already slacking off (not that there’s anything to do most of the time.) Started cleaning out my desk today, added up all my petty cash – I’m $25 under. Need to see if I can justify spending $25 bucks in the next two weeks on something ūüėČ I probably won’t.

My trash can is soon to be overflowing with a trees worth of unneeded paper and I’m listening to Dinosaur Jr. on a particularly gray day here in LA, not to mention it being tax day and all. I’ve yet to get on that.

Yay Responsibility.

I’m doing the UCB shows almost every night now, Sunday was Asssscat with special guest Tim Meadows, passed by Bob Odenkirk in the lobby. Last night was the long for Jam, which is like open mic for Improv. I’m thinking next week I may pretend I have balls and try to go on stage for that.

In the meantime, this production company says it won’t have any new shows till maybe June, and they’re not positive about that. But honestly I’m in no rush to jump in to a new job. I want to try to use this time to create something bigger than I have before. I have like 20 ideas all at once, and I think I just need to latch on to one or two and make those happen and see if it takes off.

Google Feedfetcher Bot

April 12, 2008

Aww you’re so cute. You come to check me out all the time.

It’s like every other person, isn’t a person at all but the bot.

Good boy. Here boy. Catch. I got feeds just for you to eat. Yum yum. eat it up.

Dat’s a good bot. Sit, Stay. Good Boy.