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No Country For Dee Powers

May 12, 2008 - Mozilla Firefox
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

Welp, I’m on Stickydrama.

February 19, 2008

Stickam review

Sorry Mom they got me. I’m on stickam’s most popular web tabloid. This is what I get for mocking Chris Crocker

Such is life. But thank god I kept my pants on.
Actually the lads over at noodz central caught wind of my Put it Back petition and have it featured in their latest blog entry.

Support is growing rapidly. So pass it along, link it, do whatever you can. All your Stickams R Belong to US!

Put it Back!

Day 2: Put it Back

February 15, 2008

So among the beautiful new features of stickam is disappearing camslots. As a guest in someone’s room, as windows are bounced around to and from the main screen you’ll start to see something awesome.
Something like this.

Yep multiple hosts or undefined blank slots will take over.

Way to go Beta Test Stickam.


As a quick fix, try ignoring and then unignoring the people you can’t see.

For a better fix.

Put it Back!

Happy Birthday Stickam – PUT IT BACK!

February 15, 2008

Stickam review

Dear Stickam,

Thank you so much for fixing the email composer. Awesome. 2 years and that thing finaly seems to delete without erasing carriage returns.

And thanks for making it possible to record whomever the host puts in the big window.

BUT why, why have you decided to take away people’s ability to decide for themselves what they want to watch? This isn’t JustinTV, this isn’t Operator11. The beauty of stickam has always been that is was a social media, that Chat was essential.

It wasn’t programming. Yes there are shows and yes there are chat rooms. But don’t force a format. Either revert to the previous set up, or hey make the over ride optional to ppl that want to steal the big screen.

Let people close out windows. Don’t make it a host choice. Let the host master a master desicion to kick someone’s cam. but people should be able to close cams as well.

Also it lags horribly. Horribly!

Dear Stickers.. Stickamers… whatever,

Let’s take it bac. Leave a comment below with your screen name (or whatever) and let stickam know you want it changed back. Grab the little graphic button and post it everywhere, tell others to sign this petition and take it back.

Let your voice be heard.

Put it Back!

Copy and Paste This Code everywhere

<p align=”center”><font color=”#ff9900″><b>Let your voice be heard.</b></font></p>
<p align=”center”><a href=””><img src=””><BR>Sign to Change Back</a></p>

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Stickam Limbo

February 9, 2008

Stickam review

Panda in Limbo



So some how after a crash as only stickam can do, our heroine Littlepandaexpress found herself left alone in my chatroom, without anyone, even me at the helm.

everyone go “awwwww”


Hi Panda. So Sad.

But you can join me here




Why Aren’t There New SamProof Videos?

February 7, 2008


I know since before Xmas time I’ve been slow to put out new videos.

Here’s the deal I’m no longer funny. I’m completely serious all the time. So much so that even though I work in a casual Hollywood type setting I choose to wear a suit, and tie and black shiny squared off shoes. So serious people now call me the Dragon Lady, despite my obvious bulge. So Serious I am now that walking by small children playing in the streets, instantly saps away all their fun in to a machine I like to call the “Dream Stealer” which I then sell on the Chinese black market as a longevity elixir.

Ok. Maybe no. But in all truth, I don’t feel funny lately. I’m a bit under the weather, fighting off some cold/flu for over a month now. I’ve got a bit of the SAD. And to top things off, I keep getting negative news and drama dropped in my lap. And on top of it all I’m working 50 hours a week, 10 hours a day. So yea I’m slow to do things.

Work is a big stressor these days. Everything is a constant rush, and I’m totally brushing shit off just to rant in a blog. Go me. So basically I’m unmotivated and spend all my time on stickam with these fools.

Stickam review

OH NO SHE DIDN'TAllie Sleep Wank


Impromptu Stickam Performance – The Ballad of Charlie Winter (Moneyhouse)

January 30, 2008

Stickam review

The Ballad of Charlie Winter - Click to watch this video!So the other night Moneyhouse was in da house.
And this happened.

The Ballad of Charlie Winter