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Ning BLOG – AwesomeCon, Tim and Eric, Comic Con, San Diego, 2008

July 27, 2008

Saturday I went to San Diego for Tim and Eric’s Awesomecon behind ComicCon. Read More Here


Batman – The Dark Knight

July 18, 2008

I know I know. I haven’t seen it yet. What the hell am I thinking?

So from what I’ve gathered, the people who where half heartedly saying Ledger will get the Oscar Nomination are now voicing it a lot more confidently.

I’m thinking I’ll run over to the Archlight after work and see what crazy displays they have set up, maybe grab some pictures.

July 10, 2008

Jesus Gets up in Yo Grill”>And Join my Ning

Failpire #1 – Page Turner and Nikki Parker

July 6, 2008

Sadly the show was not saved on stickam because we crashed at the 45 minute mark. We think we have a failsafe in place for the next show, so even if we crash we’ll have it saved. Also Stickam is going to try Monday to see if they can catch the show hidden in the nets and recover it. – Cross your fingers –

In the mean time you can at least see thees two gorgeous blonds saying goodbye.

Here’s what you missed on the show :

* True Blood the vampire show, 5 episodes featuring our dreaded beauty Page Turner
* Glam God A new reality show
* Jamie’s Crying – with Nikki Parker in an up coming video
* Life as a Lobster Written by Page – Thanks for my copy and I’ll get that Lobster illustration done soon

Snagged a few quick pics after the show, here’s one just to wet your whistle folks

Nikki’s Myspace
Page’s Myspace

And Join the new Failpire Ning Network to get Pictures/Updates/and More!


FailPire #2 – July 12th 6PM PST

With Live Music from Guest
Brodie Foster Hubbard

Hellboy 2: the Golden Army Sneak Preview Review NO SPOILERS

July 2, 2008

I’ll try to keep this as spoiler free as possible.

Last night I got a chance to sneak preview Hellboy 2 : The Golden Army with a friend. For the record UCB/Human Giant celebs Eric Appel & Aziz Ansari were in the audience. Just saying.

Also just to put this out there, I wanted to love this movie. I went into it hoping for a cross over between the first Hellboy movie and Pan’s Labrynth. All in all I got it. It was amazingly visual, cinematically beutiful, it was fun, action packed and I felt almost as good about this movie as the original (which is in my top 3 comic book movies).

Here’s there thing, there were larger balances in this movie between the things I loved and the things that took me out of the moment. The visual, the creatures, the fantasy world that was created trumphed the first movie several times over. I want many many actions figures based on the Troll – Mr. Wink, the Angel of Death and the Elf Warriors. But the things that took me out of the movie, lines that were at times word for word from the first movie, a main character that was boderline too goofy to take seriously, and god damn I wanted agent Myers to come back. My friend however mentioned he thought there was too much love story, and not enough golden army. (the latter thought I pretty much agree with)

At certain points in the movie I felt like I was almost watching a sit com, and then at other moments I was watching something George Lucas should kick himself for not having done. That being said I would easily watch a Hellboy TV show, and I can’t wait to see what Del Toro’s versions of Doctor Strange, The Hobbit & whatever The Hobbit 2 is going to be about.