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6/14/08 Recap – Cowboys, Mexican Doctors, No Sleep and more

June 15, 2008

This all really starts Friday. I’d ended up going in to work late, like 3pm late. I took a half day so I could take one final improv class with my 201 group. I hadn’t been in class with them since the previous Friday, and though I’d mad up two classes (letting my continue to 301) I wanted to do one more class with them before our graduation performance.

Friday at 6pm I get a text from Jake telling me he’s heading over to the 48 film fest to get our mission. When next I hear from him, I find out our genre is Musical or Western. We’re both dead set on doing a western, thank god.

After work I head over to his place and from about 9pm to 1am people spit ball some ideas and I write a 5 page script called ‘No Country Fried Steak Men’ for lack of a better title (at this point I’d just call it ‘No Country for Men’) but I don’t know if the guys have already done the title screen, so whatever.

Saturday at 8:30am Jake, Sean and myself meet for coffee and to figure out a shooting schedule, a shooting schedule that has me leaving our location at 4pm so I can go do my improv show.

Shooting starts way after schedule, as we’re still in Hollywood running around getting things at 10am and not 40 minutes away in the forest we’re shooting in, and when we do get there we’re waiting for the camera to show up. Once we start shooting things seem to take shape and go pretty fast. I’m the villain, the beautiful curves in the picture are Kelsy the hero.

So by 4pm I’m still on location and we’re pushing things to get a few last shots of me, and Schleppy who’s my ride back to my show. I end up cutting my own death scene, telling them to just cut to black and make a gun shot.

So we ride back to LA and actually make record time, enough to run back to my place. I get changed and we go wait at the theater. My class shows up and we do a practice session and then start the show at 6. (thanks to Schleppy there’s actually footage I’ll cut up and put on Youtube later).

If I remember correctly our audience suggestion was ‘Flip Flop’ we then do a word association pattern game
to find more words, themes and ideas to then build scenes off of. At some point in the game some one says bad doctors and mexico, something like that. So I build a scene with my partner in which I give him a compliment and then tell him some really bad news. I could probably talk alot about improv on a clinical level but I doubt it’s that interesting. I’ll get the video up, that’ll be more fun

Anyway it’s been a long ass day, even though it’s the day after I’m still tired and still not done.

Today I’m heading over to the ADR guy to do some voice over work for the film. Hopefully I’ll be able to put this up on youtube after the film fest is over.


Live On Stage @ UCB (again)

June 12, 2008

Welp it seems like just two weeks ago I was having a graduation show at UCB, and in fact it was. I went on to a 201 Intensive class 4 classes a week, 2 weeks so…

It’s time for another Gradation Show:

5919 Franklin Ave
Hollywood, CA 90028

(323) 908-8702

$5 Saturday Jun 14 6:30 pm Improv 201 Intensive

The show will last an hour, and I’ll be in one of two groups for 20 to 25 minutes, we’ll take a suggestion from the audience and then do a word association type game and create scenes on the fly off of that.

So it maybe amazing or failtacular. Either way you get to point and laugh, so it’s win win for you. Right?

Live at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater

May 19, 2008
  • Graduation Show
  • FAQ
  • My Birthday!

UCB Flyer Come Check out my Class Performance for Improv 101.

It’ll be about an hour roughly So come and check it out.

Tuesday May 20th 6:30pm $5
at the

Upright Citizens Brigade

5919 Franklin Ave
Hollywood, CA 90028
(323) 908-8702

If you have any questions about me or anything at all now’s the time to ask.

and check out my Birthday part May 24th Noon to 8PM PST View My Profile

Working With Robin Williams

April 8, 2008

I’ve been trying to go to as many improv and sketch comedy shows lately. So last night I wandered over to UCB’s Long Hard Improv Jam the open mic of Improv shows. Yep for one hour on the UCB stage anyone and everyone can come up and perform.

Performer Headshot

Everything starts with waiting outside, the line cues up and we wait as people poor out of the theater from the previous show. I see a classmate and talk to strangers. A guy from a few nights ago that looks like a shorter, younger, heavier version of Adam Sandler says “Raz, good to see you again. I told my roommate about seeing you.” it’s an awkward thing for me. I never really know what to say to people that recognize me.

In time we all head inside and take our seats. The host Drew DiFonzo Marks & Jim Woods come out and

Performer Headshot

explain the open mic of improv to the crowd.

I haven’t been to it before so my plan is to just watch and analyze what funny is. The hour is broken in to three sections in which different groups of audience members are selected and head up on stage.

They introduce Robin Williams and select the first group of about a dozen potential Williams, Robin (USGov) crop.jpgperformers. It’s funny because at least 5 people per group never seem to make it beyond getting on stage. They just get stuck up there watching. You’ve got to think on your feet.

The hosts and Robin Williams tend to run the sketches. Robin was probably in 95% of them. At one point a sketch leads him in to a store, a pier one buying chairs which he then later comes in to the audience to try and sell. He singles me out, and I take a seat in the chair for 30 seconds then return to my own. Not exactly the spotlight of humor, but I’m pretty much just glad to have not frozen up or spazed out, or tried something overly silly. It’s better to, in improv, just play along with confidence, then it is to try and be funny. You keep the rythm going for the person that is funny. And I did that. So I was happy with it, even though as I walked home that night I had a hundred ideas for things I could have said or done

Such is life. I think next week I’ll try to get on stage.