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Be a Part of the Tigger Talks Team

April 17, 2008

Ok folks so here’s the thing. I’ve got lots and lots of projects, and I keep coming up with more and more. The problem is that I only have so many hands, only have so many hours in a day.

So – I’m looking for other people that want to do something creative, want to have fun and want to build something together. So from time to time I’ll be posting here and where ever else to see who’s up to doing stuff. With help from my friend Ravenlaughs(aka Dan – scratch that reverse it). Dan will basically help me out with organizing and essentially being the glue to my atom smasher. Wait, what?

Point being Here’s Project one.
Something many of you are probably already familiar with TiggerTalks

If you’re unfamiliar TiggerTalks is a Feline Phenomina Fenomina, who’s debut video chronicling the pregnancy of Young Miss Jamie Lynn Spears garnered over 135K views.

I’m looking for writers/researchers to pick up daily gems in the entertainment and gossip world and write a vlog for our furry champion to put out. Vlogs should be short, fast paced, clever and the height of the haha factor.

Topics of interest should compete with topics from sites such as, What the buck Show, joeblow, etc.

Wanted :
3 to 5 Writers (video scripts)
2 to 4 Blogger/Researchers
to find interesting stories daily to be used in an accompanying blog site and possible write video scripts as well.
1 to 2 Editors(video)
to help with video segments.
1 or 2 Motion Graphics –
for quick graphics, for examples modifying pictures of celebs with the howdy doody mouth… Check out the
Gary Gygak video for an example

If you’re interested in being a part of the Tigger Talks team send me your email info and some quick samples of your humor in script format (preferred). Right now all I can promise is a screen credit. But if we cross our fingers and keep things up, maybe in the future we can each get a shiny dollar from it. send email to samsaysstaystrong at gmail dot com

Support the cause – go subscribe to:


Heath Ledger Dead Possible Drug Overdose

January 22, 2008


The office is freaking out, the buzz is in the air. People are refreshing TMZ every minute.

Actor Heath Ledger has been found dead by a masseuse in his NY residence

Sources say the Brokeback Mountain star and 2006 Academy Award nominee was found motionless in his bed by a masseuse earlier this morning.

“He was found unconscious at the apartment and pronounced dead,” a spokesperson for the police stated. Police said they did not suspect foul play. They also said they found sleeping pills near Ledger’s body.

Rumors fly that he was in the company of an olsen twin

Heath Ledger was in the process of filmingThe Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus by Terry Gilliam in which he “died” last December

He was set to play the Joker in the upcoming Batman film The Dark Knight . Which is currently in post production.

Ledger leaves behind Matilda his two-year-old daughter with former fiancee, Michelle Williams .