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Live at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater

May 19, 2008
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UCB Flyer Come Check out my Class Performance for Improv 101.

It’ll be about an hour roughly So come and check it out.

Tuesday May 20th 6:30pm $5
at the

Upright Citizens Brigade

5919 Franklin Ave
Hollywood, CA 90028
(323) 908-8702

If you have any questions about me or anything at all now’s the time to ask.

and check out my Birthday part May 24th Noon to 8PM PST View My Profile


No Country For Dee Powers

May 12, 2008 - Mozilla Firefox
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End of an Era

May 8, 2008

For weeks now I’ve been going to the Wednesday night Cage match at LA’s UCB theater. And for weeks
, 44 of them that is every night has ended the same way

“Convoy Wins”

Convoy, is liquid magic rolled in to a taco, with a natural 18 on 3D6 and the corporeal form of three seemingly harmless 20 somethings, 2 named Alex and a Todd.

Well 44 weeks and they broke records becoming the longest running winners at the UCB Cagematch. (I’m not sure if that’s goes for the NY theater as well) but tonight the 3 man Team from Vassar faced off for a second time with the 2 man team of Kapesh.

Both teams had a great night, but I’ve seen Convoy have far better nights and I could tell from the audiences laughter that Kapesh was pulling some major mojo. But when it all came down to it, and Will came out to announce the winners I was still shocked to hear “Convoy has been defeated” and from what I heard afterword by something like 60 to 25 votes.

So truly a historic night at the UCB theater.

Mission Improvable.

May 1, 2008

For starters looks like I need to create a new category for Improv related posts.

So last night I went to TNT – Tuesday Night Thunder for a couple of shows and more importantly the 11 O’clock Improv Jam.

For those not in the know, the Jam is like an open mic for improv comics. The crowd is broken in to 3 groups of roughly 14 people and come up to perform improv for about 20 minutes. I’ve done two of these before and basically did nothing. Once I just stood on the back wall, and the other time I was a statue of Jesus.

Well thankfully this time was different. It’s kind of a hard thing to recap improv. It’s this liquidy semi tangible entertainment that just has to really be experienced. If I just tell you I was a Tang dealer I feel like the words have no meaning what so ever. But the very truth of it is, I was a Tang Dealer.

A scene evolved in which A woman (Marrissa) thought Vitamin C was a drug, she couldn’t get enough of it. So Naturally I approached her as a trench coat wearing drug dealer selling packets of Tang. She was tapped out and Jay entered as my Drug boss, complaining to me about a loss of revenue. I simply explain that Cocaine was too expensive and Tang was easier for people to afford. At which point an astronaut entered the scene looking for a score, thus solidifying my point

But the main point was I didn’t just stand on the back wall and in fact I did something that pulled the show along and sparked several mini scenes. So all in all my best Jam yet.