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04/16/08 Lol Attack

April 16, 2008


funny pictures

funny pictures

funny pictures

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I don’t do Politics.

February 2, 2008


Yet here I am.

Our country is in the rumble. There’s a million voices out there feeling lost and ignored, spat on, deceived, laughed at. And hopelessness runs rampant. Voices silenced by the machine.

We can make a change. We can be heard.

This goes beyond political parties, beyond patrician differences, we need to take back America before it is swallowed up whole from within.

follow the link below OR go to my profile and find it featured there.
Favorite the song ‘Citizens’ by the Unnormals
Feature it on your youtube profile, your myspace, your facebook, Livejournal.

Digg it, Fark it, stumble upon it.

Get it out there. Get it heard, join the cause.

Show the world we’re going to be heard. That we want change. That we won’t be lied to anymore.

‘Citizens’ by the Unnormals

Stay Strong Stay United,