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George Carlin dead at 71.

June 23, 2008

Yesterday one of the few remaining idols I had from childhood died. They all die, guess that’s what being 30 is, you watch your childhood fade out and struggle to hold on to it.

You look back as much as you look forward, and try as hard as possible not to pay attention to the now, and the fact that where you’ve wanted to be and where you’re going seem unnatainable.

We have these idols, but why? I’ve never really been one to obbess about idols. I have a select few people that I’ve admired and looked up to, and I wander if there’s some fault in my not examining my life and comparing it to theirs (ala Homer Simpson VS Thomas Edison). Would that obbsessive push have made me succede better, faster, farther? I’ll never know. I can’t just magically have been another person.

So George Carlin has died at 71 (just over twice my age), of heart failure. He made a lot of people laugh and think, and shit he was even on the Simpsons. That’s pretty sweet. I always kind of thought one day I’d get to meet him, maybe work together, or just grab a cup of coffee. But now like so many other idols, he’s gone and I won’t get that chance.

Steve Martin, you’re my last hope.


How to Send a Private Message in Plurk!

June 12, 2008

Plurk PM's Step 1
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Step 2
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Buttsex Smiley

June 9, 2008

I can’t explain how much this makes me LOL

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it makes plurk a million times better than Twitter anyday.

And FYI why aren’t you on my plurk?

Go Plurk yourself – Or Just Lurk my Plurk (betch).

June 2, 2008

Ok I just got tricked in to signing up for Plurk and I might not hate it.

It’s similar to twitter with some new ideas and features, like a more fluid conversation flow.

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Checking Out

April 15, 2008

I have just under two weeks of work left on this show, but I’m already checked out. I’m already slacking off (not that there’s anything to do most of the time.) Started cleaning out my desk today, added up all my petty cash – I’m $25 under. Need to see if I can justify spending $25 bucks in the next two weeks on something 😉 I probably won’t.

My trash can is soon to be overflowing with a trees worth of unneeded paper and I’m listening to Dinosaur Jr. on a particularly gray day here in LA, not to mention it being tax day and all. I’ve yet to get on that.

Yay Responsibility.

I’m doing the UCB shows almost every night now, Sunday was Asssscat with special guest Tim Meadows, passed by Bob Odenkirk in the lobby. Last night was the long for Jam, which is like open mic for Improv. I’m thinking next week I may pretend I have balls and try to go on stage for that.

In the meantime, this production company says it won’t have any new shows till maybe June, and they’re not positive about that. But honestly I’m in no rush to jump in to a new job. I want to try to use this time to create something bigger than I have before. I have like 20 ideas all at once, and I think I just need to latch on to one or two and make those happen and see if it takes off.

Cheer the Fuck up!

April 10, 2008

Here’s a happy Uterus to get you through to the weekend!


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Did you Gugle Wrëd Lobster?

April 5, 2008

While I know this happened several months ago, I’ve been toying forever with the idea of doing a vlog about this whole thing. Which really was only like 5 hours of my life.
If anyone has any questions related to my having been on Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great show as Raz (that’s right it was in fact me and not Rob Zombie) – then leave your questions here and if/when I get enough I’ll make a video answering them.

btw I’m bring this up now because I recently learned that Raz shall grace the front of a T-Shirt very soon

Check out the Raz Fan Page on Facebook

Upright Samson Brigade

April 1, 2008

So if you’ve noticed less SamProof on line there’s a simple explanation, the free WiFi I was jacking went away so I’m just not online nearly as much. But it’s temporary, I’ll get service eventually. The big thing is, my job ends in a month and I really don’t want to start paying 50 bucks a month for something till I know for sure I have another job lined up.

Part of this come down to the fact that I just dropped some money on.. of all things- Classes.

Yup I signed up and started taking improv classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB).

So I had my first class yesterday there’s something like 15 people in the class and so far it’s all pretty basic games. But that’s basically what I e

xpected. The class seems pretty much full of 20 year olds give or take a couple years. I’m pretty sure I’m even older than the teach by a fist full of years. but I don’t think a single person suspects it.


Anyway when I got home from work today a package was waiting for me, and I was like “What the hell, I’m not expecting a package.” So I careful cracked the tape and listened for deadly snake sounds, and sniffed to smell for poison.

When I opened it I found this little surprise from JenLuv

Jen thank you so much. Luv you to death. And I can’t wait till Little Baby Samantha BnessleBlend Luv is born 😉

I Miss You Guys

March 28, 2008


Along time ago this was my gang. My group of friends, my peeps.

It’s been a decade nearly, and time’s gone on and I’ve more goals then friends now. I refuse to believe that’s a matter of getting older. But I’m not running back east side anytime soon.

I don’t know if you’re out there reading me, watching me, cheering or despising me. But I miss you guys. I miss the simpler times. I miss the ML Crew, the Wawa, the Gryphon Cafe, Vally Forge Park, Calling Eric ‘Rat’, Calling Jeff ‘Whitey’, Calling people at all, Chris’s house New Years Parties, Skateboarding, Local Bands, Local Bands, Local Bands, Church Shows, Smoking, Martino’s, Raspberry Ice Tea, Italian Subs, Campus Corner, Minella’s. I miss you guys.

Chuck Norris Visits Iraq, Steals Soldiers Thoughts

March 12, 2008