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End of an Era

May 8, 2008

For weeks now I’ve been going to the Wednesday night Cage match at LA’s UCB theater. And for weeks
, 44 of them that is every night has ended the same way

“Convoy Wins”

Convoy, is liquid magic rolled in to a taco, with a natural 18 on 3D6 and the corporeal form of three seemingly harmless 20 somethings, 2 named Alex and a Todd.

Well 44 weeks and they broke records becoming the longest running winners at the UCB Cagematch. (I’m not sure if that’s goes for the NY theater as well) but tonight the 3 man Team from Vassar faced off for a second time with the 2 man team of Kapesh.

Both teams had a great night, but I’ve seen Convoy have far better nights and I could tell from the audiences laughter that Kapesh was pulling some major mojo. But when it all came down to it, and Will came out to announce the winners I was still shocked to hear “Convoy has been defeated” and from what I heard afterword by something like 60 to 25 votes.

So truly a historic night at the UCB theater.


Interrupted Sex Tape

April 10, 2008

So the other night I saw a show at UCB and in one sketch there was this redhead. I then saw her again in the audience the other night and decided to see if she had any clips on the UCB site… and low and behold I found this amazing thing. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time.

wordpress is being kind of bitch about me embedding it, so looks like a link only for now.

So click on the link and enjoy. Laugh your ass off. I loved it.

Working With Robin Williams

April 8, 2008

I’ve been trying to go to as many improv and sketch comedy shows lately. So last night I wandered over to UCB’s Long Hard Improv Jam the open mic of Improv shows. Yep for one hour on the UCB stage anyone and everyone can come up and perform.

Performer Headshot

Everything starts with waiting outside, the line cues up and we wait as people poor out of the theater from the previous show. I see a classmate and talk to strangers. A guy from a few nights ago that looks like a shorter, younger, heavier version of Adam Sandler says “Raz, good to see you again. I told my roommate about seeing you.” it’s an awkward thing for me. I never really know what to say to people that recognize me.

In time we all head inside and take our seats. The host Drew DiFonzo Marks & Jim Woods come out and

Performer Headshot

explain the open mic of improv to the crowd.

I haven’t been to it before so my plan is to just watch and analyze what funny is. The hour is broken in to three sections in which different groups of audience members are selected and head up on stage.

They introduce Robin Williams and select the first group of about a dozen potential Williams, Robin (USGov) crop.jpgperformers. It’s funny because at least 5 people per group never seem to make it beyond getting on stage. They just get stuck up there watching. You’ve got to think on your feet.

The hosts and Robin Williams tend to run the sketches. Robin was probably in 95% of them. At one point a sketch leads him in to a store, a pier one buying chairs which he then later comes in to the audience to try and sell. He singles me out, and I take a seat in the chair for 30 seconds then return to my own. Not exactly the spotlight of humor, but I’m pretty much just glad to have not frozen up or spazed out, or tried something overly silly. It’s better to, in improv, just play along with confidence, then it is to try and be funny. You keep the rythm going for the person that is funny. And I did that. So I was happy with it, even though as I walked home that night I had a hundred ideas for things I could have said or done

Such is life. I think next week I’ll try to get on stage.