Don’t Parade on my Rain


I don’t know what to say. I want to talk about the gathering and all the amazing fun I had and all the awesome people I met and the good times I had. And it’s not for a lack of truth that I can’t do that, becuase all those things are true.

At the same time, it seems very far from the truth.

I had that sensation of being surrounded by friends and standing completely alone. Often. Something I remember feeling in high school a lot.

I really don’t know what to say, and honestly I’m not about to puke out my emo guts here. It’s been funky here lately. Funky since the gathering, funky weather, just plain funky.

rainbow from office

I shot this from the office today. It’s like I was meant to grab this photo. I never bring my rebel to work, but today I did so I could take pictures of the NYC Phone book, so it just happened to be here. This basically seems to sum up where I’m at these days.


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2 Responses to “Don’t Parade on my Rain”

  1. Tomas Says:

    Wow, the rainbow pierces me with her glance and I recognize myself in you words. Have a look at my
    You will see there much more color, but the same question.
    Your post was written so openheartedly that I just fear to spot the purity with any statements.
    We are used to think that what lies underfoot is the firm, but is it thus indeed?
    Wow, let’s have a fellowship. My name is Tomas. HI!

  2. Erin Says:

    wow, powerful blog
    i got chills
    goddamit Proof, publish that novel so I can read it!

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